Terms of Trade

Wawata Group Limited

Updated Sept 2018

Payment Terms:

  • Direct Debit- is the only form of payment accepted by Wawata Group for revolving charge accounts, except for Commercial Factory and Office customer types
  • Cheque & Direct Credit- (bank transfer) are not accepted as a form of payment from retail or foodservice type accounts
  • Non-resolution to monies owed- In the event that a revolving credit account reaches its credit limit, or repeated bounced direct debits occur- deliveries will be suspended whilst debt is pursued. Non-resolution of payment will be forwarded to our debt collection agency- incurred costs passed onto debtor

Payment Fees:

  • Late Payment fee, $15.50 + GST
  • Direct Debit Reversal, $25.00 + GST
  • Cheque Payment fee, $5.00 + GST

NB: To process new account application and commence deliveries we require an original copy of the direct debit form and a copy of your banks deposit slip for verification

Delivery Related Fees:

  • Delivery fee: $2.99 + GST fee applies to commercial/office type deliveries or instances where there is a high cost to serve vs low amount of purchase
  • Orders placed after online ordering cut off: $10.00 + GST
  • Delivery call out fee for same-day delivery: $12.50 + GST
  • Auckland Regional Fuel Tax Levy per delivery: $0.45 + GST (effective 1 January, 2019)
  • Public Holiday Delivery Surcharge: 15% of total invoice

Anchor Fridges:

  • Anchor fridges are primarily to be used for products purchased through Wawata Group
  • Agreements must be made in writing in situations where there are foreign products placed inside Anchor fridges
  • Costs incurred to Wawata Group when a fridge does not meet minimum sales requirements will be passed onto the retailer
  • Fully merchandised, clean Anchor fridges supporting full range of products supplied by Wawata Group qualify for better milk pricing where applicable

Credits for Expired Product:

  • Credits for expired milk, cream, yoghurt, foods are not accepted by Wawata Group
  • Credits for expired impulse beverages (eg- Primo, Mammoth, Charlies, Juices etc) that are purchased from Wawata Group are accepted